One great thing about Reputably is you can use it in a way that suits YOUR business.

Ultimately the objective is to get a customer in front of your Review Request landing page, which we provide you. It looks like this and is branded to your business, including colours:

Which leads a customer to this:

If they choose a 4 or a 5 (or even just a 5 if you set it that way), they get taken straight to the right spot in Google to leave a review:

And if they click on a low score, rather than being sent to Google, the negative feedback is internalised for you to manage if, away from the public spotlight:

But…to get people to this review request landing page, you can:

  1. Enter the contact details of your customers in the system and let the software email or text your customers (on your behalf).
  2. Link it to a software you’re currently using so the system sends it off automatically (eg set to automatically send it 1 day after customer is market Paid and Finalised on your CRM).
  3. Or, if you are a business that doesn’t collect customer contact details (eg. a café) you can either:


    • a. Have the review request page up on an ipad for a customer to use on the spot (we provide a ‘kiosk mode’ which means you don’t have ugly tabs and a URL on the page; you just have a clean form with nothing else on screen).
    • b. Generate a QR code from inside Reputably. This then takes the customer directly to the review request page on their own device.
      Here are a few examples of our business clients and how they have used the QR code method:

Here are a few examples of our business clients and how they have used the QR code method:

Remember Calla Luna from our testimonial on the Home page? Here’s an example of their receipt where they have added the QR code that leads directly to their review request page, along with a note at the bottom of the receipt asking customers to leave a review: