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In trying to make training videos that aren’t hours long, it means that from time to time we may not have covered something in as much detail as we needed to for you. If that’s the case, send us an email at (no ‘.com’ or ‘’). Or if you prefer click here to book a spot in our calendar to cover it off with you one-on-one.

A note regarding Training video 4…

Reputably is very automated no matter which way you decide to add clients to the software, covered in training videos 1-3. However it still requires you to get clients into the software, be that by entering a customer’s details, having them enter their details using Kiosk mode, or having them scan a QR code.

Next-level automation is to have customer details automatically entered (and therefore a review request triggered) by another software you are already using in your business. The example we’ve given before is an invoice being created, or marked as paid. Or someone being marked as ‘Finalised/Closed’ in your CRM.

We’re able to do this thanks to our partnership with external and independent software company, Zapier. Zapier essentially allows two pieces of software (one being Reputably, and whatever you’re using) to talk with each other. So a ‘Zap’ can be set up to say “IF invoice says ‘sent’, THEN automatically trigger a review request to occur from Reputably. So by virtue of having used your own software in the way you normally would, you’ve now killed two birds with the one stone – you now don’t need to use another method to enter a customer into Reputably.

The video below was done by our QLD Manager, Wayne, hence why you will hear a differnt voice in this one. (Apologies that the video cuts off abruptly at the end).

If you decide to progress with a paid account after your 21 day free trial, we have two pricing packages per the Pricing page. The second one is differntiated by the fact that we will set this Zapier connection up for you, and even use our paid account if you have a software that requires the use of their paid account (they link up most external softwares for free, but for some softwares they require their paid plan eg Xero, Shopify and others).

If however you decide to opt for our standard plan, its important to know that we do NOT block this feature – it simply means that you take care of setting it up, and pay for Zapier if you happen to use a software that requres a paid plan with them.

So, if this is a feature you think you could benefit from and you would like to tackle it yoursel, the vide below is for you:

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